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About Us - What is All Acronyms? is a free human-edited website with more than 3,000,000 currently published acronyms and abbreviations.

The main goal of All Acronyms is to provide a convenient online tool for those who need to quickly find an acronym definition or need to abbreviate a particular word or phrase.

Here are just a few primary advantages of All Acronyms:

  1. Extensive coverage - large number of popular terms and topics.
  2. Mobile & Tablet Friendly - the website adapts for various devices providing best user-experience.
  3. User-driven - user suggestions, voting and reporting have a large influence on website content. Entries are sorted by rating.
  4. Topic-oriented - deep navigation and filtering by category and topic are available for abbreviations with large number of definitions.
  5. Industry specific - once category is selected, search and site navigation are adjusted.
  6. Powerful search - with autocorrection and suggestions based on user input.

Initially, the website was developed, supported and privately used by a group of acronym enthusiasts and university students. The database was opened for public access in 2005. The current number of regular monthly visitors is more than 2 million.

With the support of its editors and especially visitors covers more and more abbreviated terms. Every day we receive around 50 acronym definition suggestions from our visitors. After careful review for appropriate categories, accuracy and popularity most of these terms are published on the website by one of our editors.

We hope that you find the website useful and convenient to use.

Should you have any suggestions or comments about the service please feel free to contact us. Your feedback is very important to us!

Thank you,

Alex Radyushin, founder of All Acronyms website