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825 University acronyms and abbreviations

  • NAS National Academy of Sciences
    Technology, University, United States
  • ACR American College of Radiology
    Medical, Diagnosis, Diagnostics
  • SAN Schulen ans Netz
    Education, Association, Computing
  • BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
    Technology, Academic degree, Bachelor's degree
  • ACT American College Test
    Education, School, United States
  • BSc Bachelor of Science
    Education, United States, Undergraduate degree
  • USC University of Southern California
    Technology, California, Education
  • UC University of California
    Technology, California, United States
  • CSU California State University
    Education, California, State University
  • BSW Bachelor of Social Work
    Medical, University, Medical education
  • ETH Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule
    Education, Science, Telecom
  • CSU Colorado State University
    Science, Colorado, State University
  • OSU Ohio State University
    Technology, Ohio, State University
  • UW University of Washington
    Technology, United States, University, Science
  • UW University of Wisconsin
    Science, United States, University
  • CMU Carnegie Mellon University
    Technology, Academia, Higher Education
  • BYU Brigham Young University
    Education, Genealogy, Mormon
  • UNH University of New Hampshire
    Science, United States, University
  • UNC University of North Carolina
    Technology, Academia, Education
  • JHU Johns Hopkins University
    Science, Academia, Higher Education
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