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881 Travel acronyms and abbreviations / page 7

  • NT: National Trust
    Government, Tourism, Travel, WALES
  • WTO: World Tourism Organisation
    Government, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • VFR: Visiting Friends and Relatives
    Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • AITO: Association of Independent Tour Operators
    Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • BTR: Bureau of Tourism Research
    Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • DTI: Department for Trade and Industry
    Government, Tourism, Travel
  • GSA: General Sales Agent
    Business, Tourism, Shipping
  • ADR: Average Daily Rate
    Business, Tourism, Travel
  • CPRE: Council for the Protection of Rural England
    Business, Tourism, Travel
  • DPS: Double Page Spread
    Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • BTA: British Tourist Authority
    Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • AHA: Australian Hotels Association
    Business, Australia, Construction
  • SGD: Singapore Dollar
    Business, Tourism, Stock
  • CLIA: Cruise Lines International Association
    Military, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • ACOA: Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
    Government, Canada, CANADIAN
  • ABC: Australian Broadcasting Commission
    Business, Australia, Hospitality
  • YHA: Youth Hostels Association
    Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • NDPB: Non-departmental Public Body
    Business, Tourism, Travel
  • DCMS: Department for Culture, Media and Sport
    Science, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • Arr: Arrive
    Military, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel

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