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882 Travel acronyms and abbreviations / page 5

  • HEDNA Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association
    Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • CRS Computerised Reservation System
    Technology, Tourism, Travel
  • RIP Road Inventory Program
    Government, ROADS, RTA
  • WTA Willingness To Accept
    Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Organizations
  • AUSTRADE Australian Trade Commission
    Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • APEC Asia Pacific Economic Community
    Business, Tourism, Travel, Technology
  • ANAO Australian National Audit Office
    Australia, Hospitality, Military
  • AAA Australian Automobile Association
    Australia, Hospitality, Tourism
  • PSA Passenger Shipping Association
    Association, Travel, Organizations
  • FLH Federal Lands Highway
    Government, ROADS, RTA
  • HKD Hong Kong Dollar
    Business, Tourism, Stock
  • LGA Local Government Association
    Government, Tourism, Travel
  • PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association
    Business, Air cargo, Air freight
  • CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    Government, Canada, CANADIAN
  • FTA Free Trade Agreement
    Government, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel
  • AONB Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
    Government, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • USP Unique Selling Proposition
    Internet slang, Tourism, Sexual
  • NGO Non-government Organisation
    Government, Tourism, Travel
  • AQIS Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
    Government, Australia, Federal agency
  • DRC Disability Rights Commission
    Technology, Tourism, Travel

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