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158 Transportation acronyms and abbreviations

  • EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
    Army, Geological, Environment
  • FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
    Urban planning, Governmental, Insurance
  • GIS: Geographic Information System
    Technology, Military, Oil field
  • GIS: Geographic Information Systems
    History, Technology, Urban planning
  • NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act
    Government, Urban planning, Urban design
  • ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
    Government, Medical, Business
  • CPU: Central Processing Unit
    Technology, Insurance, Meterology
  • CAA: Clean Air Act
    Science, Urban planning, Urban design
  • EIS: Environmental Impact Statement
    Technology, Urban planning, Urban design
  • LED: Light Emitting Diode
    Technology, Internet slang, Forum
  • EA: Environmental Assessment
    Technology, Agriculture, Energy
  • DME: Distance Measuring Equipment
    Technology, Transportation, Telecommunications
  • ADF: Automatic Direction Finder
    Technology, Transportation, Telecommunications
  • NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturers Association
    Technology, US Post, Transportation
  • ILS: Instrument Landing System
    Technology, Transportation, Telecommunications
  • CAA: Civil Aviation Authority
    Technology, Transportation, Trade
  • FAR: Federal Aviation Regulations
    Military, Air Force, Army
  • SIP: State Implementation Plan
    Science, Urban design, Transportation planning
  • TIP: Transportation Improvement Program
    Government, Finance, Logistics
  • PE: Professional Engineer
    Technology, Architectural, Architecture

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