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42,134 Telecom acronyms and abbreviations / page 3

  • SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
    Technology, Telecom, Protocol
  • CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
    US Post, Postal, Governmental
  • RF: Radio Frequency
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • OSI: Open Systems Interconnection
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • ISO: International Standards Organization
    Technology, Telecom, Military
  • PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network
    Technology, Wireless, Telecommunications
  • ITU: International Telecommunication Union
    Technology, Wireless, United Nations
  • IANA: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
    Technology, Telecom, Internet
  • EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
    Technology, Medical, Logistics
  • WMO: World Meteorological Organization
    Science, Weather Forecast, Weather
  • SAR: Synthetic Aperture Radar
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
    Military, United States, Telecommunications
  • OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    Air Force, Medical, Science
  • ISP: Internet Service Provider
    Internet slang, Technology, Internet
  • GUI: Graphical User Interface
    Technology, Military, Postal
  • TCP: Transmission Control Protocol
    Technology, Internet, Military
  • FY: Fiscal Year
    Military, TAX, Stock
  • FDDI: Fiber Distributed Data Interface
    Technology, WEB, Telecommunications
  • UDP: User Datagram Protocol
    Technology, Information Technology, Internet
  • ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization
    Technology, Air Force, Telecommunications

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