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Scientific Journal (Book)
Normally: $17.95
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Scientific Notebook - Laboratory Notebook, 192 numbered pages, black hardcover 2… (Office Product)
Scientific Notebook Company
Scientific American magazine, Vol. 2 Issue 1 The advocate of Industry and Journa… (eBooks)

Publishing Research Papers in Academic Journals: Understanding the scholarly pub… (eBooks)
Scholar Network, S.L.
National Brand Laboratory Notebook, 4 X 4 Quad, Brown, Carbonless, 11 x 9.25 Inc… (Office Product)
Normally: $20.99
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Livescribe ANA-00004 Lined Black 1-2 Journal - 2 Pack (PC Accessory)
Normally: $24.95
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Journal of the California Dental Association (Mobile Application)
MAZ Digital Inc.
Clsu Scientific Journal (Magazine)
Clsu Publications House
The American Journal of Chinese Medicine 2013 Volume 41 Number 3 (Single Detail Page Misc)
What Editors Want: An Author's Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing (Chicago G… (Book)
University Of Chicago Press
Normally: $20.00
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