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Master Handbook of Acoustics (Book)
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
Normally: $44.00
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Acoustical Engineering (Book)
D Van Nostrand Co, Inc
Elements of acoustical engineering (Book)
Nabu Press
Normally: $32.75
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Foundations of Engineering Acoustics (Book)
Academic Press
Normally: $155.00
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Master Handbook of Acoustics (eBooks)
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
Music, Physics and Engineering (Dover Books on Music) (Book)
Dover Publications
Acoustical Engineering (Book)
Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons
Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms (Book)
Focal Press
Normally: $57.95
Get New: $41.71 (Save 28%) - view details
Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics (Dekker Mechanical Engineering) (Book)
CRC Press
Normally: $283.00
Get New: $200.00 (Save 29%) - view details
Engineering Acoustics and Noise Control (Book)
Prentice Hall

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