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  • a Assists
    Baseball, Hockey, Ice hockey
  • AAA Amateur Athletic Association
    Technology, OLYMPIC, Olympic Games
  • AAC Adidas Athletic Club
  • AAS Allesaussersport
    German, Publishing, SPORTS
  • AAU Amateur Athletic Union
    Organizations, OLYMPIC, Olympic Games
  • ABA Australian Basketball Association
    Sport, SPORTS
  • AC Also competed
    OLYMPIC, Olympic Games, Olympics
  • ACC Atlantic Coast Conference
    Education, Sport, SPORTS
  • AFC American Football Conference
    Technology, Sport, SPORTS
  • AFG Afghanistan
    Locations, Countries, Country
  • AFL Australian Football League
    Government, Sport, SPORTS
  • AGTOA American Greyhound Track Operators Association
    Greyhound racing, SPORTS, Organizations
  • AHO Netherlands Antilles
    International Olympic Committee, SPORTS, Sport
  • AIBA Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur
    SPORTS, Organizations
  • AIBA International Boxing Association
    Boxing, SPORTS, Organizations
  • AIOWF Association of International Olympic…
    SPORTS, Organizations
  • AL American League
    Technology, Sport, SPORTS, Baseball
  • ALB Albania
    Locations, Countries, Country
  • ALB Allgemeine Leichtathletik Bestimmungen
    German, SPORTS
  • ALCS American League Championship Series
    Sport, SPORTS
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