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23 Space agency acronyms and abbreviations

  • ESA European Space Agency
    Telecommunications, Space exploration, Space agency
  • CSA Canadian Space Agency
    Technology, Telecom, Space exploration
  • ISA Iranian Space Agency
    Technology, Iran, SPACE
  • ISRO Indian Space Research Organization
    India, Technology, Space
  • ASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
    Technology, Astronomy, Celestial objects
  • JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
    Technology, Space exploration, Space agency
  • BNSC British National Space Centre
    Technology, Astronomy, Celestial objects
  • SNSB Swedish National Space Board
    Technology, SPACE, Space agency
  • NSAU National Space Agency of Ukraine
    Science, Space, Space agency
  • CNSA China National Space Administration
    Technology, Telecom, Space exploration
  • SSO Swiss Space Office
    SPACE, Space agency, Space exploration
  • RFSA Russian Federal Space Agency
    Russia, SPACE, Space agency
  • SRON Stichting Ruimteonderzoek Nederland
    Netherlands, SPACE, Space agency
  • AEB Agência Espacial Brasileira
    Brazil, SPACE, Space agency
  • DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
    Germany, SPACE, Space agency
  • UKSA UK Space Agency
    SPACE, Space agency, United Kingdom, Organizations
  • KARI Korea Aerospace Research Institute
    Technology, South Korea, SPACE
  • KARI Korea Aerospace Research Institutetute
    South Korea, SPACE, Space agency
  • INTA Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial
    SPACE, Space agency, Space exploration
  • BISA Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
    Belgium, SPACE, Space agency
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