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2,622 SPACE acronyms and abbreviations / page 11

  • TDRS: Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
    Technology, Communications Satellite, Satellite
  • TEA: Torque Equilibrium Attitude
    Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics
  • TSS: Tethered Satellite System
    Technology, Satellite, Aerospace Engineering
  • UFO: Unidentified Flying Object
    Technology, Text messaging, Military
  • EVA: Extravehicular Activity
    Science, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics
  • NASP: National AeroSpace Plane
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Army
  • SL: Spacelab
    Science, Astronomy, Celestial objects
  • TIROS: Television Infrared Observation Satellite
    Technology, Army, Climatology
  • ADC: Aerospace Defense Command
    Military, Flight, Aviation
  • AFCS: Automatic Flight Control System
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Army
  • FCS: Flight Control System
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Army
  • CSOC: Consolidated Space Operations Center
    Technology, Military, Aviation
  • FCF: Functional Check Flight
    Technology, Flight, Aviation
  • FD: Flight Director
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Aviation
  • FT: Flight Test
    Technology, Flight, Aviation
  • FTS: Flight Termination System
    Technology, Flight, Aviation
  • LRO: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
    Technology, SpaceCraft, SPACE
  • MDRS: Mars Desert Research Station
    Technology, Astronomy, Astrophysics
  • CME: Coronal Mass Ejection
    Science, Astronomical, Astronomy
  • LOR: Lunar Orbit Rendezvous
    Science, SPACE, Astrophysics

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