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167 Software Engineering acronyms and abbreviations

  • XML: Extensible Markup Language
    Technology, Architectural, Internet marketing
  • PDF: Portable Document Format
    Technology, DATA, Document processing
  • DTD: Document Type Definition
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • SGML: Standard Generalized Markup Language
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • JVM: Java Virtual Machine
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • ASN.1: Abstract Syntax Notation One
    Technology, Computer programming, Computing
  • JSR: Java Specification Request
    Technology, Computer programming, Computer software
  • JCP: Java Community Process
    Technology, Software Engineering, Software
  • SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics
    Technology, Xml-based standard, Software Engineering
  • DSSSL: Document Style Semantics and Specification…
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • HDL: Hardware Description Language
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • VBA: Visual Basic for Applications
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • WSFL: Web Services Flow Language
    Technology, Web Service, Telecommunications
  • SAML: Security Assertion Markup Language
    Technology, Computer programming, Computer Security
  • SMIL: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
    Technology, Information Technology, Internet
  • BCPL: Basic Combined Programming Language
    Technology, Computer programming, Computing
  • ABEL: Advanced Boolean Expression Language
    Technology, Computer engineering, Computer hardware
  • APL: A Programming Language
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • XUL: XML-based User interface Language
    Technology, Computer, Computer programming
  • ALGOL: Algorithmic Language
    Technology, Software Engineering, Programming Language

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