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1,048 Software acronyms and abbreviations

  • APA Abort Programmer Assembly
    Technology, Application, Computing, Software
  • AWT Abstract Windowing Toolkit
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • AFL Academic Free License
    Technology, Software
  • ADP Accelerated Data Path
    Technology, Computer software, Computing, Software
  • ADT Access Developer's Toolkit
    Technology, Computer software, Computing
  • AMF Action Message Format
    Technology, Computer software, Computing, Software
  • ADS Active Directory Service
    Technology, Computer software, Computing
  • ASA Active Server Application
    Technology, Computer software, Computing
  • ASP Active Server Pages
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • ATL Active Template Library
    Technology, Computer Science, Computer software
  • ADO ActiveX Data Objects
    Technology, WINDOWS, Software
  • ASA Adaptive Server Anywhere
    Technology, Computer networking, Industrial networking
  • ASV Adobe SVG Viewer
    Adobe, Technology, Computer software
  • AVN Adobe Virtual Network
    Technology, Adobe, Computer software
  • ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming
    Technology, Computing, Application, Software
  • ACAP Advanced Computer Airframe Program
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Aviation
  • ADC Advanced Data Control
    Technology, Computer software, Computing
  • AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communications
    Technology, Computer networking, Computer Program
  • ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
    Technology, Computing, Telecom
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