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70 Sociology acronyms and abbreviations

  • AASP American Association for Social Psychiatry
    Association, Organization, Psychiatry
  • AHS Association for Humanist Sociology
    Association, Organization, Organizations, Sociology
  • BSA British Sociological Association
    Association, Organization, Organizations
  • AJS American Journal of Sociology
    Science, Journal, Periodical
  • ASR American Sociological Review
    Science, Periodical, Serial publication
  • APSA Asia Pacific Sociological Association
    Association, Organization, Organizations, Sociology
  • ASA American Sociological Association
    Association, Organization, Science, Sociology
  • BMS Bulletin of Sociological Methodology
    Science, Bulletin, Periodical
  • CAPRI Confidentiality and Privacy Group
    Sociology, Organizations
  • CCSR Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research
    Science, Sociology
  • CEESE Centre for Economic and Social Studies on…
    Business, Economic, Economics
  • CGSAH Conference Group for Social and…
    Science, History, Sociology
  • CMS Center for Migration Studies
    Human migration, Migration, Science
  • COMPAS Centre on Migration, Policy and Society
    Human migration, Migration, Science
  • CSA California Sociological Association
    Association, Organization, Organizations, Sociology
  • CSAA Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association
    Science, Anthropology, Association
  • CSSH Comparative Studies in Sociology and History
    Science, History, Sociology
  • CSSS Centre for Study of Society and Secularism
    Science, Sociology
  • DRM Day Reconstruction Method
    Science, Organizations, Sociology
  • ECSR European Consortium for Sociological Research
    Organizations, Sociology
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