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669 Social networking acronyms and abbreviations

  • YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
    Internet slang, Social networking, Telecom
  • F2F Face to Face
    Internet slang, Text messaging, Telecommunications
  • FYI For Your Information
    Internet slang, Web slang, Online
  • JK Just Kidding
    Internet slang, Modern slang, Text messaging
  • BFN Bye For Now
    Internet slang, Social messaging, Web slang
  • LOL Laugh Out Loud
    Internet slang, Twitter, Social networking
  • TY Thank You
    Internet slang, Twitter, Web
  • 1
    WTF What The Fuck
    Internet slang, Modern slang, Twitter
  • WTH What the heck
    Internet slang, Online slang, CHAT
  • AFAIK As Far As I Know
    Internet slang, Social networking, Social messaging
  • BTW By The Way
    Internet slang, Twitter, Web slang
  • LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
    Internet slang, Funny, Web
  • YW You're Welcome
    Internet slang, Twitter, Web
  • JV Joint Venture
    Business, Text messaging, Telecommunications
  • w/ With
    Internet slang, Real estate jargon, Real estate advertising
  • TIA Thanks In Advance
    Internet slang, Social messaging, Social networking
  • IMHO In My Humble Opinion
    Internet slang, Twitter, Web slang
  • TYT Take Your Time
    Internet slang, Online, Twitter
  • LMK Let Me Know
    Internet slang, Twitter, Web slang
  • TTYL Talk To You Later
    Internet slang, Twitter, Social messaging

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