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56 Security acronyms and abbreviations / page 2

  • LOS: Loss of Sync
    Technology, Security
  • FPC: Final Planning Conference
    Military, Port security, Security
  • OHS: Office of Homeland Security
    Military, Security
  • UAC: User Account Control
    Technology, Computer, Computer Security
  • NSTISSP: National Security Telecommunications and…
    Military, Army, Security
  • WSS: Web Services Security
    Technology, Computing, Security
  • IOC: Intelligence Operations Center
    Military, Army, Security
  • CSC: Card Security Code
    Military, Security
  • SGC: Server Gated Cryptography
    Technology, WEB, Security
  • DEP: Data Execution Protection
    Technology, Computing, MICROSOFT, Security
  • NVIC: Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular
    Government, Port security, Security
  • TSI: Transportation Security Incident
    Business, Government, Port security, Security
  • PortSTEP: Port Security Training Exercise Program
    Business, Government, Port security, Security
  • AMSP: Area Maritime Security Plan
    Business, Government, Port security, Security
  • NTLM: NT LAN Manager Protocol
    Technology, MICROSOFT, Operating System, Security
  • WAF: Web Application Firewall
    Technology, Computer software, Computing
  • PMF: Policy Management Framework
    Technology, Computer software, Computing
  • WAS: Web Application Security
    Technology, Computing, Internet, Security
  • DUD: Datenschutz und Datensicherheit
    Technology, Computing, German
  • SSC: Security Subsystem Class
    Technology, Computer, Security, Software

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