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  • ASR Ancient Synagogues Revealed
    Science, History, Judaism
  • ATLA American Theological Library Association
    Business, Association, Data Storage
  • AusBR Australian Biblical Review
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Religious
  • BA Biblical Archaeologist
    Science, Archaeology, Archeology
  • BAR Biblical Archaeology Review
    Science, Archaeology, Archeology
  • BASIC Brothers And Sisters In Christ
    Christianity, Religious
  • BHQ Biblia Hebraica Quinta
    Education, Religious
  • BHS Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia
    Education, Religious
  • BTB Biblical Theology Bulletin
    Education, Religious, Theological
  • BYNV Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version
  • CAB Congregation of Alexian Brothers
    Catholic Church, Religious, Religious organization
  • CBETA Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association
    Association, Humanities, Literature
  • CBQ Catholic Biblical Quarterly
    Catholic Church, Religious, Religious organization
  • CBS Christliche Bekenntnisschule
    Christianity, Religious
  • CCC Campus Church Connexion
    Education, Religious, Theological, Theology
  • CCCB Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Canada, Catholic Church, North America
  • +1
    CCSI Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes
    Canada, Christianity, North America
  • CCSI Canadian Conference of Secular Institutetutes
    Canada, Christianity, North America
  • CFH Conference on Faith and History
    Science, History, Religious
  • CFMSS Clarist Franciscan Missionaries of the…
    Organization, Religion, Religious
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