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206 Religion acronyms and abbreviations

  • 3HO Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization
    India, Religion, Religious, Organizations
  • ACSIS Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Islam
  • AFIC Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Islam
  • AIC Australian Islamic College
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Education
  • AJC Ancient Jewish Coinage
    Business, Economic, Economics
  • AJHS American Jewish Historical Society
    Science, History, Judaism
  • AMR Association of Muslim Researchers
    Association, Islam, Islamic
  • AoF Articles of Faith
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • AP Aaronic Priesthood
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • AP Assistant to the president
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • ASR Ancient Synagogues Revealed
    Science, History, Judaism
  • BC Bishop's Court
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • BIC Born In Covenant
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • BoM Book of Mormon
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • BP Branch President
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • BSA Boy Scouts of America
    Technology, Boy Scout, Mormon
  • BYC Bishop's Youth Committee
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • BYU Brigham Young University
    Education, Genealogy, Mormon
  • BYU Brigham Young Universityrsity
    Genealogy, Mormon, Religion
  • CAIS Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies
    Science, Muslim, Literature
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