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206 Religion acronyms and abbreviations

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    Internet slang, Marketing, Mormon
  • LDS: Latter Day Saints
    Mormon, Religion, Internet slang
  • BSA: Boy Scouts of America
    Technology, Boy Scout, Mormon
  • FIS: Financial Information System
    Technology, Finance, Mormon, Religion
  • OIC: Organization of the Islamic Conference
    Government, International Relations, Islam
  • OIC: Organisation of the Islamic Conference
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • KJV: King James Version
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • CTR: Choose the Right
    Mormon, Religion, Slang, Internet slang
  • BYU: Brigham Young University
    Education, Genealogy, Mormon
  • SJ: Society of Jesus
    Catholic Church, Organization, Religion
  • RS: Relief Society
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • PPI: Personal Priesthood Interview
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • MTC: Missionary Training Center
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • JST: Joseph Smith Translation
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • CES: Church Educational System
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • D&C: Doctrine and Covenants
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • MMS: Medical Mission Sisters
    Catholic Church, Medical, Medicine
  • BYC: Bishop's Youth Committee
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • YM: Young Men
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • YW: Young Women
    Education, Mormon, Religion

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