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206 Religion acronyms and abbreviations / page 7

  • JNUL Jewish National and University Library
    Education, Academia, Data Storage
  • JNUL Jewish National and Universityrsity Library
    Academia, Data Storage, Higher Education
  • JQR Jewish Quarterly Review
    Science, Theology, Religious
  • JSGRP Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period
    Education, History, Judaism
  • JSGRP Jewish Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period
    Science, Archaeology, Archeology
  • JST Joseph Smith Translation
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • JSV Joseph Smith Version
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • JAIS Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies
    Science, Social sciences, Religion
  • JIS Journal of Islamic Studies
    Islam, Organizations, Scientific periodical
  • JBE Journal of Buddhist Ethics
    Behavior, ETHICS, Moral philosophy
  • JIJS Journal of Islamic Jerusalem Studies
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • JJS Journal of Jewish Studies
    Judaism, Religion, Religious
  • JIABS Journal of the International Association…
    Religion, Religious, Journal
  • KJV King James Version
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • LDS Latter Day Saints
    Mormon, Religion, Internet slang
  • LDS Latter Day Saint
    Education, Mormon, Religion, Wikipedia
  • LCMA Lutheran Campus Mission Association
    Association, Education, Organization
  • MMS Medical Mission Sisters
    Catholic Church, Medical, Medicine
  • MP Melchizedek Priesthood
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • MIS Membership Information System
    Education, Mormon, Religion
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