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206 Religion acronyms and abbreviations / page 7

  • FSSH Fransican Sisters of Sacred Heart
    Organization, Religion, Religious
  • FSPM Franciscan Sisters of the Presentation of Mary
    Organization, Religion, Religious
  • CMC Congregation of Mother of Carmel
    Organization, Religion, Religious
  • MW Muslim World
    Science, Religion, Muslim
  • MEISP Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program
    Science, Religion, Muslim
  • JAIS Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies
    Science, Social sciences, Religion
  • AJC Ancient Jewish Coinage
    Business, Economic, Economics
  • JQR Jewish Quarterly Review
    Science, Theology, Religious
  • JJS Journal of Jewish Studies
    Judaism, Religion, Religious
  • JIWE Jewish Inscriptions of Western Europe
    Judaism, Religion, Religious
  • HUCA Hebrew Union College Annual
    Judaism, Religion, Religious
  • HAR Hebrew Annual Review
    Judaism, Religion, Religious
  • ASR Ancient Synagogues Revealed
    Science, History, Judaism
  • JSGRP Jewish Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period
    Science, Archaeology, Archeology
  • ISRA Islamic Research Academy
    Academy, Islam, Islamic
  • MIA Mutual Improvement Association
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • YM&YW Young Men and Young Women
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • RLDS Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of…
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • PH Priesthood
    Education, Mormon, Religion
  • OD2 Official Declaration #2
    Education, Mormon, Religion
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