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206 Religion acronyms and abbreviations / page 6

  • IRIZ International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism
    Institute, Religion, Religious
  • IRIZ International Research Institutetute for…
    Institute, Religion, Religious
  • ISKCON International Society for Krishna Consciousness
    Association, India, Organization
  • IAS International Association of Sufism
    Association, Islam, Islamic
  • IABS International Association of Buddhist Studies
    Association, Organization, Religion
  • IIU International Islamic Universityrsity
    Academia, Higher Education, Islam
  • IIUM International Islamic Universityrsity Malaysia
    Academia, Higher Education, Islam
  • ISIM International Institutetute for the Study…
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • IAS Islamic Academy of Sciences
    Academy, Islam, Islamic
  • IAAO Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization
    Artistic, ARTS, Creativity
  • IAN Islamic Arts Network
    Artistic, ARTS, Creativity
  • ILSP Islamic Legal Studies Program
    Islam, Islamic, Jurisprudence
  • IPSI Islamic Propagation Society International
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • ISRA Islamic Research Academy
    Academy, Islam, Islamic
  • IRI Islamic Research Institute
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • IRI Islamic Research Institutetute
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • IEJ Israel exploration journal
    Science, Theology, Religious
  • JCSB Jesus Christ Study Biblerecent
  • JCC Jewish Community Center
    Judaism, Religion, Religious, Organizations
  • JIWE Jewish Inscriptions of Western Europe
    Judaism, Religion, Religious
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