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206 Religion acronyms and abbreviations / page 4

  • HIFIP: Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program
    Business, Finance, Financial
  • JSGRP: Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period
    Education, History, Judaism
  • SESRTCIC: Social, Economic and Social Research and…
    Business, Economic, Economics
  • CSID: Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy
    Government, Democracy, Islam
  • EWIC: Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures
    Science, Religion, Reference
  • CSIC: Centre for the Study of Islam and…
    Christianity, Islam, Islamic
  • SOTS: Society for Old Testament Study
    Christianity, Judaism, Religion
  • SHCS: Society for Hindu-Christian Studies
    Christianity, India, Religion
  • SBLCS: Society of Biblical Literature Commentary…
    Christianity, Judaism, Religion
  • NETS: New English Translation of the Septuagint
    Christianity, Judaism, Language
  • IOSCS: International Organization for Septuagint…
    Christianity, Judaism, Religion
  • JIABS: Journal of the International Association…
    Religion, Religious, Journal
  • JBE: Journal of Buddhist Ethics
    Behavior, ETHICS, Moral philosophy
  • FWBO: Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
    Religion, Religious, Organizations
  • EBTI: Electronic Buddhist Texts Initiative
    Data Storage, Library, Religion, Religious
  • EBMP: Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project
    Data Storage, Library, Religion, Religious
  • AIC: Australian Islamic College
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Education
  • AFIC: Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Islam
  • AIC: Australian Islamic College
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Education
  • ACSIS: Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Islam
  • YMBA: Young Men's Buddhist Association
    Association, Organization, Religion

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