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206 Religion acronyms and abbreviations / page 3

  • SWAIC Program on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • CISCOW Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on…
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • PEIA Prosopography of Early Islamic Administration
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • MPAJ Muslim Public Affairs Journal
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • MPAC Muslim Public Affairs Council
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • JIJS Journal of Islamic Jerusalem Studies
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • IPSI Islamic Propagation Society International
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • ILSP Islamic Legal Studies Program
    Islam, Islamic, Jurisprudence
  • CSCI Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • CIP Center for Islamic Pluralism
    Islam, Islamic, Muslim
  • HCAC Hindu-Christian Studies Academic Discussion List
    India, Religion, Organizations
  • 3HO Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization
    India, Religion, Religious, Organizations
  • IJTS International Journal of Tantric Studies
    India, Religion, Organizations
  • IJJS International Journal of Jaina Studies
    India, Religion, Organizations
  • EJVS Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
    Humanities, India, Literature
  • CSRI Conference on the Study of Religions of India
    India, Religion, Organizations
  • COJS Centre of Jaina Studies
    India, Religion, Organizations
  • CMEIS Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
    Science, Muslim, Literature
  • CJS Center for Jewish Studies
    Science, Religion, Literature
  • CAIS Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies
    Science, Muslim, Literature
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