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177 Psychology acronyms and abbreviations / page 4

  • CEP Counseling and Education Psychology
    Education, Psychology
  • CFI Center for Inquiry
    Philosophy, Psychology, Organizations
  • CHADD Children and Adults with Attention…
    Psychiatry, Psychology, Medical, Medicine
  • CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System
    Education, Cognitive science, Language
  • CIHI Canadian Institute for Health Information
    Medicine, Mental Health, Psychology
  • CIHI Canadian Institutetute for Health Information
    Mental Health, Psychology, Special Education, Medical
  • CLBC Community Living BC
    Mental Health, Psychology, Special Education
  • CNS Cognitive Neuroscience Society
    Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive science
  • COPM Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
    Canada, Labour, Labour economics
  • CPA Canadian Psychological Association
    Association, Canada, North America
  • CPAP Council of Provincial Associations of…
    Psychology, Organizations
  • CPO College of Psychologists of Ontario
    Canada, North America, Psychology, Organizations
  • CRHSPP Canadian Register of Health Service…
    Medical, Medicine, Canada
  • CSIPMH Center for the Study of Issues in Public…
    Psychiatry, Psychology, Medical, Medicine
  • CYMH Child and Youth Mental Health
    Mental Health, Psychology, Special Education
  • DC Diagnostic Criteria
    Mental Health, Psychology, Special Education
  • DD Developmental Disability
    Medical, Disability, Health Care
  • DS Down syndrome
    Medical, Education, Educational
  • DSH Deliberate Self-harm
    Medical, Disorder, Injury
  • EABCT European Association of Behavioural and…
    Association, Organization, Psychology, Organizations
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