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177 Psychology acronyms and abbreviations

  • ABMR Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research
    Medical, Medicine, Academy
  • ADL Activities of Daily Living
    Medical, Special Education, Psychology
  • AdBeh Adaptive Behaviour
    Psychology, Medical, Medicine
  • ACT Adaptive Control of Thought
    Neurology, Psychology, Medical, Medicine
  • ALC Alternative Levels of Care
    Mental Health, Psychology, Special Education
  • AAP American Academy of Psychotherapists
    Medical, Medicine, Academy
  • AAPSA American Academy of Psychoanalysis
    Academy, Neurology, Organization
  • AAP American Academy of Psychoanalysis
    Academy, Organization, Psychology
  • AAFP American Academy of Forensic Psychology
    Academy, Criminology, Forensic
  • AABP American Academy of Behavioral Psychology
    Academy, Medical, Medicine
  • AACN American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
    Academy, Neurology, Organization
  • ABCN American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology
    Neurology, Psychology, Medical
  • AAMR American Association on Mental Retardation
    Organization, Association, Disability
  • AAMFT American Association for Marriage and…
    Association, Disability, Organization
  • AABSS American Association of Behavioral and…
    Association, Organization, Psychology
  • ABPP American Board of Professional Psychology
    Neurology, Psychology, Medical
  • APA American Psychological Association
    Technology, Special Education, Psychology
  • APS American Psychological Society
    Psychology, Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • ABA Applied Behavioural Analysis
    Mental Health, Psychology, Special Education
  • APSSC APS Student Caucus
    Education, Academia, Higher Education, Psychology
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