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99 Pharmacology acronyms and abbreviations

  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration
    Medical, Medicine, Administration
  • ACIP: Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
    Immunology, Pharmacology, Toxicology
  • IND: Investigational New Drug
    Pharmacology, Toxicology, Medical
  • ADR: Adverse Drug Reaction
    Medical, Health Care, Pharmacology
  • OTC: Over the Counter
    Business, Investing, Medical
  • RBE: Relative Biological Effectiveness
    Technology, Nuclear, Nuclear Physics
  • NDA: New Drug Application
    Science, Pharmacology, Toxicology
  • AAPS: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
    Science, Association, Organization
  • ALI: Annual Limit On Intake
    Science, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Technology
  • AACC: American Association for Clinical Chemistry
    Science, Association, Organization
  • CPMP: Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products
    Pharmacology, Toxicology, Medical
  • ABPI: Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
    Association, Oncology, Organization
  • AAPCC: American Association of Poison Control Centers
    Association, Healthcare, Organization
  • SCAW: Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
    Pharmacology, Toxicology, Organizations
  • SPC: Summary Of Product Characteristics
    Pharmacology, Toxicology, Organizations, Technology
  • ADME: Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism And Excretion
    Science, Pharmacology, Physiology
  • IACP: International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
    Academy, Organization, Pharmacology
  • EFPIA: European Federation of Pharmaceutical…
    Pharmacology, Toxicology, Medical
  • AAVPT: American Academy of Veterinary…
    Academy, Organization, Pharmacology
  • PTC: Plasma Thromboplastin Component
    Blood, Circulatory system, Pharmacology

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