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160 Oceanography acronyms and abbreviations / page 4

  • PalOc Paleoceanography
    Education, Bibliographic code, Journal
  • OSJaJ Oceanographical Society of Japan Journal
    Education, Bibliographic code, Journal
  • OcEng Ocean Engineering
    Education, Bibliographic code, Journal
  • JAtOT Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology
    Education, Bibliographic code, Climatology
  • DyAtO Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans
    Education, Bibliographic code, Climatology
  • AtO Atmosphere Ocean
    Education, Climatology, Journal
  • RvAqS Reviews in Aquatic Sciences
    Education, Bibliographic code, Hydrology
  • MarGR Marine Geophysical Researches
    Education, Physics, Periodical
  • MIRC Marine Information Research Center
    Science, Documentation, MARINE, Oceanography
  • IAPSO International Association for Physical…
    Association, MARINE, Oceanography
  • OCCAM Ocean Circulation and Climate Advanced Modelling
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • ACOM Australian Community Ocean Model
  • IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Project
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • IOM Inverse Ocean Modeling
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • APE Aqua-Planet Experiment
    Science, Climatology, MARINE
  • ECCO Estimating the Circulation and Climate of…
    Science, Climatology, MARINE
  • VAPOR Visualization and Analysis Platform for…
    Science, Climatology, MARINE
  • TOMS Terrain-following Ocean Modeling System
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • NEMURO North Pacific Ecosystem Model for…
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • MERSEA Marine EnviRonment and Security for the…
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
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