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160 Oceanography acronyms and abbreviations / page 3

  • SSS: Sea Surface Salinity
    Science, Climatology, MARINE
  • FOAM: Forecasting Ocean-Atmosphere Model
    Science, Climatology, MARINE
  • SIO: Scripps Institution of Oceanography
    Science, Climatology, MARINE
  • DBCP: Data Buoy Cooperation Panel
    Science, Climatology, Meterology, Oceanography
  • POP: Parallel Ocean Program
    Science, Computer Program, Computing
  • WHOI: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography, RESEARCH
  • ETMC: Expert Team on Marine Climatology
    Science, Oceanography
  • ETDMP: Expert Team on Data Management Practices
    Science, Oceanography
  • DMPA: Data Management Programme Area
    Science, Oceanography
  • JODC: Japan Oceanographic Data Center
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • SCG: Services Coordination Group
    Science, Oceanography
  • DMCG: Data Management Coordination Group
    Science, Oceanography
  • ODP: Ocean Data Portal
    Science, Oceanography
  • POCM: Parallel Ocean Climate Model
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • ROMS: Regional Ocean Modeling System
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • IMBER: Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and…
    Science, ECO, Ecological
  • PODAAC: Physical Oceanography Distributed Active…
    Military, Computer Science, Computing
  • MICOM: Miami Isopycnic Coordinate Ocean Model
    Science, MARINE, Oceanography
  • SSH: Sea Surface Height
    Technology, MARINE, Oceanography
  • TSDMO: Tellus Series Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography
    Education, Bibliographic code, Climatology

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