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219 Obstetrics acronyms and abbreviations

  • AAPEC Australian Action on Pre-Eclampsia
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Obstetrical
  • ABOG American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Medical, Medical organization, Obstetrics
  • AF Anteflexed
    Gynaecology, Gynecology, Obstetrics
  • AF Aunt Flo
    Internet slang, Obstetrics, Parenting
  • AI Artificial Insemination
    Pregnancy, Veterinary, Trying to Conceive
  • AMA Advanced Maternal Age
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical
  • AO Anovulatory
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical, Medicine
  • AP Adoption Process
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical, Medicine
  • AR Assisted Reproduction
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical, Medicine
  • AROM Artificial Rupture Of Membranes
    Obstetrics, Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • ART Assisted Reproductive Technology
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  • AV Anteverted
    Gynaecology, Gynecology, Obstetrics
  • B/W Blood Work
    Obstetrics, Parenting, Pregnancy
  • BBs Breasts
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical, Medicine
  • BBT Basal Body Temperature
    Medical, Obstetrics, Pharmacy
  • BC Birth Control
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  • BCP Birth Control Pills
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Parenting
  • BD Baby Dance
    Internet slang, CHAT, Getting pregnant
  • BF Breastfeeding
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical, Medicine
  • BF'ing Breastfeeding
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical, Medicine
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