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219 Obstetrics acronyms and abbreviations / page 4

  • TCOYF: Taking Charge of Your Fertility
    Obstetrics, Parenting, Pregnancy
  • Ob: Obstetrician
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Parenting
  • pp: Postpartum
    Medical, Obstetrics, SLANG
  • FET: Frozen Embryo Transfer
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Parenting
  • AMA: Advanced Maternal Age
    Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Medical
  • OCT: Oxytocin Challenge Test
    Obstetrics, Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • hsg: Hysterosalpingogram
    Medical, Getting pregnant, Gynaecology
  • PMP: Previous Menstrual Period
    Obstetrics, Medical, Medicine
  • C/S: Cesarean Section
    Obstetrics, Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • SAHM: Stay At Home Mom
    Internet slang, Pregnancy, Trying to Conceive
  • pg: Pregnant
    Medical, Getting pregnant, Obstetrics
  • Us: Ultrasound
    Medical, Nursing, Obstetrics
  • U/S: Ultrasound
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Parenting
  • ROM: Rupture Of Membranes
    Medical, Obstetrics, Pharmacy
  • ELF: Elective Low Forceps
    Obstetrics, Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • AAPEC: Australian Action on Pre-Eclampsia
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Obstetrical
  • vtx: Vertex
    Obstetrics, Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • DH: Darling Husband
    Internet slang, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  • CM: Cervical Mucus
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  • BD: Baby Dance
    Internet slang, CHAT, Getting pregnant

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