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168 Nuclear Technology acronyms and abbreviations / page 2

  • CANDU Canada Deuterium Uranium
    Canada, Waste Management, Waste
  • CDF Core Damage Frequency
    Technology, Atomic Energy, Energy
  • CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Technology, Telecom, Nuclear Technology
  • CHF Critical Heat Flux
    Science, Atomic Energy, Nuclear
  • CNS Canadian Nuclear Society
    Atomic, Canada, Molecular Physics
  • CNWDI Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
    Military, Army, Military engineering
  • CoRWM Committee on Radioactive Waste Management
    Technology, Environmental Technology, Nuclear
  • CTBTO Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
    Business, International Relations, Nuclear
  • DAC Distance Amplitude Curve
    Technology, Atomic Energy, Nuclear
  • DANASAT Direct-Ascent Nuclear ASAT
    Technology, Nuclear, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Technology
  • DBA Design Basis Accident
    Technology, Atomic Energy, Nuclear
  • DBPV Design Basis Probability Value
    Technology, Nuclear, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Technology
  • DDREF Dose and Dose Rate Effectiveness Factor
    Technology, Nuclear, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Technology
  • DREF Dose Rate Effectiveness Factor
    Nuclear, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Technology
  • DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
    Military, Radiation, Nuclear Technology
  • DNBR Departure from Nucleate Boiling Ratio
    Technology, Atomic Energy, Nuclear
  • DNS Departure Nuclear Stage
    Technology, Nuclear, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Technology
  • ECCS Emergency Core Cooling System
    Technology, Atomic Energy, Energy
  • ECURIE European Community Urgent Radiological…
    Technology, Europe, European
  • EFDA European Fusion Development Association
    Association, Nuclear, Nuclear Physics
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