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327 Networking acronyms and abbreviations

  • ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
    Technology, Army, Data Transmission
  • LAN Local Area Network
    Technology, Computer hardware, Internet slang
  • ISP Internet Service Provider
    Internet slang, Technology, Internet
  • TCP Transmission Control Protocol
    Technology, Internet, Military
  • UDP User Datagram Protocol
    Technology, Information Technology, Internet
  • SNA Systems Network Architecture
    Technology, Telecom, Networking
  • OSPF Open Shortest Path First
    Technology, Military, Network
  • VPN Virtual Private Network
    Technology, Information Technology, Meterology
  • BGP Border Gateway Protocol
    Technology, Military, Network
  • DSL Digital Subscriber Line
    Technology, Industrial networking, Information Technology
  • PDU Protocol Data Unit
    Technology, Army, Computer networking
  • FEC Forward Error Correction
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • ARP Address Resolution Protocol
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • RIP Routing Information Protocol
    Technology, Military, Network
  • SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
    Technology, Computer networking, Computing
  • NFS Network File System
    Technology, Telecom, Networking
  • LLC Logical Link Control
    Technology, Computer networking, Computing
  • POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
    Technology, Internet slang, WEB
  • NTP Network Time Protocol
    Technology, Telecom, Protocol

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