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150 Natural Science acronyms and abbreviations

  • AAS African Academy of Sciences
    Academy, AFRICA, Natural Science
  • AAS Australian Academy of Science
    Academy, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • AAAST African Association for the Advancement of…
    AFRICA, Applied sciences, Association
  • AAAS American Association for the Advancement…
    Technology, Association, Computing
  • AASTOM Association for the Advancement of Science…
    Association, Engineering, Natural Science
  • A*STAR Agency for Science, Technology And Research
    Technology, Applied sciences, Natural Science, Singapore
  • AmJS American Journal of Science
    Education, Journal, Natural Science
  • AmJSA American Journal of Science and Arts
    Science, Natural Science, Culture
  • AMSCI American Scientist
    Education, Bibliographic code, Journal
  • AS Annals of Science
    Science, Natural Science, Periodical, Serial publication
  • AnSci Annals of Science
    Science, Natural Science, Periodical, Serial publication
  • ApScR Applied Scientific Research
    Education, Bibliographic code, Journal
  • AJSE Arabian Journal of Science Engineering
    Education, Applied sciences, Journal
  • AHES Archive for History of Exact Sciences
    Science, History, Journal
  • ARIES Aryabhatta Research Institute of…
    Science, Natural Science, RESEARCH
  • ARIES Aryabhatta Research Institutetute of…
    Natural Science, RESEARCH, Science
  • BJHS British Journal for the History of Science
    Science, Scientific periodical, Scientific journal
  • CSA Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
    Science, Data Storage, Library, Natural Science
  • ChSBu Chinese Science Bulletin
    Education, Bibliographic code, Journal
  • ConSc Connection Science
    Science, Natural Science, Periodical, Serial publication
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