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362 Money acronyms and abbreviations

  • GAO General Accounting Office
    Military, US Post, Telecommunications
  • DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
    Military, Accountancy, Accounting
  • NZD New Zealand Dollar
    Business, Money, Iso 4217
  • IASB International Accounting Standards Board
    Business, Accountancy, Accounting
  • IAS International Accounting Standards
    Business, Stock, Money
  • CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board
    Business, Pricing, Money
  • CAS Cost Accounting Standard
    Technology, Accountancy, Accounting
  • OTS Office of Thrift Supervision
    Business, Money Laundering, Money
  • IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
    Business, Accountancy, Accounting
  • ABC Activity Based Costing
    Technology, Business, US Post
  • ROI Return on Investment
    Business, Marketing, Money
  • GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
    Business, US Post, Telecom
  • BSA Bank Secrecy Act
    Business, US business, Postal
  • FIA Financial Inventory Accounting
    Military, Accountancy, Accounting
  • SAR Suspicious Activity Report
    Business, Accountancy, Auditing
  • TTD Trinidad and Tobago dollar
    Business, Currency, Currency code
  • CRC Costa Rican Colon
    Business, Money, Iso 4217
  • RAMAC Random Access Method of Accounting and Control
    Technology, Telecom, Money
  • CTR Currency Transaction Report
    Business, US business, Taxation
  • WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital
    Business, Money, Investment
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