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25 Mobile acronyms and abbreviations

  • GPRS General Packet Radio Service
    Technology, Wireless, Telecommunications
  • CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
    Wireless networking, Army, Cellular
  • SIM Subscriber Identity Module
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • 1
    AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service
    Technology, Computing, Mobile
  • D-AMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
    Technology, Computer Security, Mobile
  • MIN Mobile Identification Number
    Technology, Wireless, Telecommunications
  • ULV Ultra Low Voltage
    Technology, Mobile
  • EDGE Enhanced Data GSM Environment
    Technology, Cellular, Mobile
  • CSD Circuit Switch Data
    Technology, Cellular, Mobile
  • PIAT Public Information Assist Team
    Military, Response, NeWS
  • PST Pacific Strike Team
    Military, Response, NeWS
  • GSM Global System for Mobile Communication
    Technology, Cellular, Mobile
  • 1
    EV-DO Evolution-Data Optimized
    Technology, Cellular, Computer Security
  • EVDO Evolution Data Optimized
    Technology, Cellular, Mobile
  • iDEN Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network
    Technology, Cellular, Mobile
  • BHS Baker High School
    Education, Alabama, High School
  • DHS Davidson High School
    Education, Alabama, High School
  • MHS Murphy High School
    Education, Alabama, High School
  • FA Faith Academy
    Education, Alabama, Georgia
  • ASMS Alabama School of Mathematics and Science
    Education, Alabama, High School

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