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200,743 Medical acronyms and abbreviations / page 6

  • PDA: Patent Ductus Arteriosus
    Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy
  • GFR: Glomerular Filtration Rate
    Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy
  • DM: Diabetes Mellitus
    Medical, Medicine, Diagnosis
  • BPM: Beats Per Minute
    Medical, Medicine, Veterinary
  • PT: Physical Therapist
    Medical, Special Education, Medical designation
  • REM: Rapid Eye Movement
    Medical, Biology, Narcolepsy
  • MR: Mental Retardation
    Medical, Disability, Educational and health
  • NTSB: National Transportation Safety Board
    Technology, SLEEP, Response
  • EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity
    Military, US Post, Taxation
  • CPA: Certified Public Accountant
    Business, US business, Title
  • SAMHSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services…
    Medical, Medicine, Government, Health
  • ACGIH: American Conference of Governmental…
    Science, Air Force, Medical
  • AANP: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
    Medical, Medicine, Academy
  • RN: Registered Nurse
    Medical, Healthcare, Medical qualification
  • HMO: Health Maintenance Organization
    Medical, Medicine, Prostate Cancer
  • ADA: American Dental Association
    Medical, Association, Dental
  • ICU: Intensive Care Unit
    Medical, Pharmacy, Oncology
  • ESRD: End Stage Renal Disease
    Medical, Health Care, Nursing
  • SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
    Medical, Medicine, CHEST
  • OT: Occupational Therapy
    Medical, Medicine, Special Education

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