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74 Marketing acronyms and abbreviations

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    Internet slang, Marketing, Mormon
  • DRM: Digital Rights Management
    Technology, Internet advertising, LAW
  • ROI: Return on Investment
    Business, Marketing, Money
  • Ad: Advertisement
    Marketing, Business, Affiliate
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
    Technology, Web development, WEB
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
    Technology, Marketing, Search Engine
  • SOHO: Small Office / Home Office
    Technology, Marketing, Market segment
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing
    Technology, Marketing, Online promotion
  • CTR: Click Through Rate
    Technology, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine
  • CPC: Cost Per Click
    Technology, Online compensation methods, Online marketing
  • Comms: Communications
    Technology, Army, Business
  • PV: Page View
    Technology, Marketing, Affiliate marketing
  • CPL: Cost Per Lead
    Marketing, Technology, Pricing models
  • CPP: Cost Per Performance
    Marketing, Business
  • ASP: Application Service Provider
    Technology, Information Technology, Internet
  • SME: Small and Medium Enterprise
    Business, Marketing, Computer technology
  • FFA: Free For All
    Internet slang, Text messaging, Roleplaying gaming
  • CR: Conversion Rate
    Marketing, Affiliate, Internet
  • RON: Run-of-network
    Technology, Online marketing, Online advertising
  • DINKY: Double Income, No Kids Yet
    Business, Customer segment, Market segment

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