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225 Legal acronyms and abbreviations

  • AAA American Arbitration Association
    Technology, Association, Construction
  • AAHA American Academy of Healthcare Attorneys
    Medical, Medicine, Academy
  • AALCC Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee
    Business, Jurisprudence, LAW, Legal
  • AALCO Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization
    Business, Jurisprudence, LAW, Legal
  • AALL American Association of Law Libraries
    Government, Association, Data Storage
  • ABA American Bar Association
    LAW, Association, Disability
  • AAPL American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
    Academy, Jurisprudence, LAW
  • AARC Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies
    Business, Artistic property, Civil law
  • ABAW Asian Bar Association of Washington
    Association, Jurisprudence, LAW
  • ACO Administrative Contracting Officer
    Technology, Contract law, LAW, Legal
  • ACPM Associate Contractor Program Manager
    Business, Contract law, LAW, Legal
  • ACPO Associate Contractor Project Office
    Business, Contract law, LAW, Legal
  • ADCR Applicable Document Contractual Record
    Business, Contract law, LAW, Legal
  • AF Affiliated Person
    Business, CORPORATE, Enterprise
  • AI Affiliate of Investment
    Business, CORPORATE, Enterprise
  • AICAP Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians in…
    Association, Jurisprudence, LAW
  • AIFAP Alliance of Incarcerated Foreigners in…
    Association, Jurisprudence, LAW
  • AIPO African Intellectual Property Organization
    Business, AFRICA, Artistic property
  • ALLA Australian Law Librarians' Association
    Association, Organization, Library
  • ASLH American Society for Legal History
    Science, History, Jurisprudence
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