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220 Learning acronyms and abbreviations

  • NSF: National Science Foundation
    Army, Military, Natural Science
  • ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
    Government, Medical, Business
  • IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
    Education, Special Education, Medical
  • IEP: Individualized Education Program
    Education, Study, Special Education
  • RFP: Request for Proposals
    Technology, Disability, Education
  • OSEP: Office of Special Education Programs
    Education, Disability, Educational
  • CDC: Centers for Disease Control
    Response, Disability, Education
  • ESL: English as a Second Language
    Education, Study, Special Education
  • NCES: National Center for Education Statistics
    Education, Educational, Government
  • ERIC: Educational Resources Information Center
    Education, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    Medical, Psychology, Sleep
  • ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder
    Medical, Medicine, Study
  • PT: Physical Therapy
    Medical, Medicine, Special Education
  • AP: Advanced Placement
    Education, Educational, Learning, Study
  • NEA: National Education Association
    Education, Study, Special Education
  • ESEA: Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    Education, Disability, Educational
  • OT: Occupational Therapy
    Medical, Medicine, Special Education
  • NSTA: National Science Teachers Association
    Science, Education, Learning, Study
  • SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test
    Education, Educational, Learning
  • ECE: Early Childhood Education
    Education, College, Educational

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