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1,452 Latin acronyms and abbreviations

  • CV: Curriculum Vitae
    Computing, Finance, Information Technology
  • NB: Nota Bene
    Internet slang, Usenet, Telecommunications
  • BID: Bis In Die
    Latin, Medicine, Medical latin
  • BD: Bis Die
    Medicine, Latin, Medical latin, Medical
  • TID: Ter In Die
    Latin, Medicine, Medical latin
  • EG: Exempli Gratia
    Latin, Writing, Science, Technology
  • AM: Ante Meridiem
    Technology, Latin, Writing
  • PM: Post Meridiem
    Technology, Aviation, Latin, Writing
  • PS: Post Scriptum
    Technology, Latin, Writing
  • q: Quaque
    Medicine, Latin, Medical latin
  • vs: Versus
    Writing, Technology, Latin
  • PRN: Pro Re Nata
    Medical, Latin, Disability
  • GST: Goods and Services Tax
    Government, Travel, Trade
  • PA: Per Annum
    Technology, Architectural, Architecture
  • ca: Circa
    Military, Latin, Roman
  • c: Cum
    Latin, Medicine, Medical latin
  • A.D.: Ante Diem
    Latin, Roman
  • A.: Aedilis
    Latin, Roman
  • A TE.: A Tergo
    Latin, Roman
  • H.C.S.P.P.: Honore Contentus Sua Pecunia Posuit
    Latin, Roman

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