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Language acronyms and abbreviations

413 acronyms and acronyms related to Language / page 7

  • DLT Distributed Language Translation
    Technology, Cognitive science, Computing
  • DSL Domain-specific language
    Technology, Computer programming, Computing
  • +1
    EACL European Association of Chinese Linguistics
    Association, Cognitive science, Language
  • EACS European Association of Chinese Studies
    Association, Language, Linguistics
  • EAFTerm East Asia Forum on Terminology
    Science, Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • EAJRS European Association of Japanese Resource…
    Association, Language, Linguistics
  • EAJS European Association for Japanese Studies
    Association, Language, Linguistics
  • EALC East Asian Languages and Civilizations
    Science, Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • EASAS European Association for South Asian Studies
    Association, Biography, Geography
  • EASL European Association of Sinological Librarians
    Association, Data Storage, Language
  • ECAI Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
    Science, Civilization, Culture
  • EDL European Day of Languages
    Science, Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • EFEO École Française d'Extrême-Orient
    Biography, RESEARCH, Literature
  • EGL Enterprise Generation Language
    Technology, Computing, Language
  • +1
    EIAS European Institute for Asian Studies
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • EIAS European Institutetute for Asian Studies
    Biography, Geography, History
  • +1
    EIJS European Institute of Japanese Studies
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • EIJS European Institutetute of Japanese Studies
    Biography, Geography, History
  • EJCJS Electronic Journal of Contemporary…
    Science, Language, Linguistics
  • EJEAS European Journal of East Asian Studies
    Science, Literature, Linguistics
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