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  • CRS Centre for Rajasthani Studies
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • CSEAR Centre for Southeast Asian Research
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • CSCSEASWPS Centre for South, Central, South East…
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • CTCFL Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
    Education, Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • CMEIS Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
    Science, Muslim, Literature
  • CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English
    Education, Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • CML Chemical Markup Language
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • CAD Chicago Assyrian Dictionary
    Science, Archaeology, Cognitive science
  • CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System
    Education, Cognitive science, Language
  • CJSA China Judaic Studies Association
    Association, Religious, Religion
  • CLTFA Chinese Language Teachers' Federation of Australia
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Education
  • CLTAV Chinese Language Teachers' Association of Victoria
    Association, Education, Language
  • CLTA Chinese Language Teachers' Association
    Association, Education, Language
  • CLTA Chinese Language Teachers Association
    Association, Education, Language
  • CLTASA Chinese Language Teachers' Association of…
    Association, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • CLTA-GNY Chinese Language Teachers' Association of…
    Association, Education, Language
  • CLASS Chinese Language Association for Secondary School
    Association, Education, Language
  • CLSJ Chinese Linguistic Society of Japan
    Science, Cognitive science, Language
  • CSAUS Chinese School Association in the United States
    Association, Education, Language
  • CSGSS Chinese Studies Graduate Summer School
    Education, Language, Linguistics, Literature
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