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413 Language acronyms and abbreviations / page 4

  • CDTD Comparative Dictionary of Tibetan Dialects
    Science, Cognitive science, Dictionary
  • CEAS Centre for East Asian Studies
    Education, Biography, Geography
  • CEED Comprehensive English-Esperanto Dictionary
    Dictionary, Language, Linguistics
  • CEG Calligraphy Education Group
    Education, Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • CeLCAR Center for the Languages of the Central…
    Science, Cognitive science, Language
  • CESWW Central Eurasian Studies World Wide
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • CHIL Creativity, Humor and Imagery in Language
    Science, Cognitive science, Language
  • CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System
    Education, Cognitive science, Language
  • CHT Catalog of Hittite Texts
    Science, Bibliography, Books
  • CILT Center for Information on Language…
    Education, Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • CJAS Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies
    Government, Mouth, Medical
  • CJNEAS Centre for Japanese and North East Asian Studies
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • CJS Center for Japanese Studies
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • CJS Center for Jewish Studies
    Science, Religion, Literature
  • CKS Center for Korean Studies
    Science, Biography, Geography
  • CJSA China Judaic Studies Association
    Association, Religious, Religion
  • CL Computational Linguistics
    Cognitive science, Computing, Language
  • CLA Cantonese Language Association
    Association, Education, Language
  • CLAD Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development
    Education, Language, Development, California
  • CLASS Chinese Language Association for Secondary School
    Association, Education, Language
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