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413 Language acronyms and abbreviations / page 10

  • IAA International Association for Assyriology
    Science, Archaeology, Archeology
  • IACL International Association of Chinese Linguistics
    Association, Cognitive science, Language
  • IAIS Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
    Science, Muslim, Literature
  • IAIS Institutetute of Arab and Islamic Studies
    Biography, Religion, Muslim
  • IAMT International Association for Machine Translation
    Association, Cognitive science, Computing
  • IASS International Association of Sanskrit Studies
    Association, Language, Linguistics
  • IATC International Association of Teachers of Czech
    Association, Education, Language
  • IATIS International Association for Translation…
    Association, Cognitive science, Language
  • IC Islamic Culture
    Science, Progress, Literature
  • ICASSP International Conference on Acoustics,…
    Linguistics, Sound, Social sciences
  • ICLEF Interactive Cross-Language Evaluation Forum
    Technology, Cognitive science, Computing
  • ICSLP International Conference on Spoken…
    Technology, Cognitive science, Computing
  • IDL Interface Description Language
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • IEED Indo-European Etymological Dictionary
    Science, Cognitive science, Dictionary
  • IEP Intensive English Program
    Education, Language, Linguistics
  • IFT International Federation of Translators
    Science, Cognitive science, Language
  • IIJ Indo-Iranian Journal
    Science, Literature, Linguistics
  • IJAES International Journal of Arabic-English Studies
    Science, Language, Linguistics
  • IJMES International Journal of Middle East Studies
    Science, Scientific periodical, Scientific journal
  • IJMES International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
    Science, Literature, Linguistics
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