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137 Land use acronyms and abbreviations / page 3

  • DOA Department of Agriculture
    Government, South Africa, Land use
  • DRDA District Rural Development Agency
    Science, Regional planning, Land use
  • EAFRD European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
    Technology, Agricultural science, Agriculture
  • EAGGF European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Funds
    Science, Land management, Land
  • EFSA European Food Safety Authority
    Science, Medical, Land use
  • FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
    Government, Land management, Land
  • FBP Food and Bioproducts Processing
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • FCC Farm Credit Canada
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • FFT Fédération Française des Trufficulteurs
    Science, Land management, Land
  • FHS Forest History Society
    History, Land management, Land use
  • FIEA Forest Industry Engineering Association
    Association, Land management, Land use
  • FNAS Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Science, Land management, Land
  • GLA Gangmasters Licensing Authority
    Science, Law Enforcement, Land use
  • IAAS International Association of Agricultural Students
    Medical, Organization, Land use
  • ICAR Indian Council of Agricultural Research
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • ICARDA International Center for Agricultural…
    Science, RESEARCH, Land use
  • ICC International Association for Cereal…
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • ICID International Commission on Irrigation and…
    Science, Water Supply, Waste Management
  • ICID International Commission for Irrigation…
    Science, Agricultural science, Agriculture
  • ICOUR Irrigation Company for the Upper Regions
    Science, Agricultural science, Agriculture
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