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137 Land use acronyms and abbreviations / page 2

  • APMRU Areawide Pest Management Research Unit
    Science, Agricultural science, Agriculture
  • AAV Association of Avian Veterinarians
    Ecology, Land use, Land management
  • ASFP Association of Saskatchewan Forestry Professionals
    Association, Canada, Land management
  • ABWAK Association of British Wild Animal Keepers
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • ASZK Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping
    Science, Agricultural science, Agriculture
  • ACIAR Australian Center for International…
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • BCVA British Cattle Veterinary Association
    Medical, Veterinary, Organization
  • CAAB Canadian Association of Animal Breeders
    Agricultural science, Organization, North America
  • CSBA Canadian Swine Breeders Association
    Medical, Organization, North America
  • CPC Canadian Pork Council
    Medical, North America, Land use
  • CaMV Cauliflower Mosaic Virus
    Medical, Land use, Land management
  • CHATSEA Challenges of the Agrarian Transition in…
    Science, Agricultural science, Agriculture
  • CAP Common Agricultural Policy
    Government, Land use, Land management
  • CPVO Community Plant Variety Office
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • CNP Confédération Nationale Paysanne
    Science, Land management, Land
  • CGIAR Consultative Group on International…
    Government, Land use, Land management
  • CAST Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • CAPART Council for the Advancement of People's…
    Science, Agricultural science, Agriculture
  • CYSDV Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus
    Medical, Land use, Land management
  • DOA Department of Agriculture
    Government, South Africa, Land use
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