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3,673 Journal acronyms and abbreviations

  • Adv. Sci.: The Advanced Science Journal
  • CPMR: Centre for Promotion of Multidisciplinary Research
    Journal, NGO, Technology, Education
  • FrInJ: Franklin Institutetute Journal
    Bibliographic code, Technology, Serial publication
  • JApSp: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy
    Science, Chromatography, Mass spectrography
  • JMmSR: Journal of Macromolecular Science Reviews…
    Science, Chemistry, Journal
  • IJMSI: International Journal of Mass Spectrometry…
    Education, Bibliographic code, Chemistry
  • JSSCh: Journal of Solid State Chemistry
    Science, Chemistry, Journal
  • JSCh: Journal of Solution Chemistry
    Science, Chemistry, Journal
  • JPCC: Journal of Physical and Colloid Chemistry
    Science, Chemistry, Physical chemistry
  • JMCh: Journal of Materials Chemistry
    Science, Chemistry, Journal
  • JMaCh: Journal of Mathematical Chemistry
    Science, Chemistry, Math
  • JFlu: Journal of Fluorescence
    Science, Chemistry, Physics
  • JChEd: Journal of Chemical Education
    Science, Chemistry, Education
  • JCat: Journal of Catalysis
    Science, Chemistry, Journal
  • IJRPC: International Journal for Radiation…
    Science, Chemistry, Physics
  • ChJCP: Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics
    Science, Chemistry, Physics
  • CEJ: Chemistry European Journal
    Science, Chemistry, Europe
  • AnaIn: Analytical Instituteumentation
    Bibliographic code, Chemistry, Journal
  • JElec: Journal of Electroceramics
    Technology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical technology
  • IJPM: International Journal of Polymeric Materials
    Technology, Plastics, Physical science

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