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How to abbreviate Italy?

The list of 5 abbreviations for Italy

abbreviations for Italy

  • It: Italy
    Locations, Countries, Country
  • .it: Italy
    Technology, Country code domain, Domain Name
  • ITA: Italy
    Locations, Countries, Country
  • I: Italy
  • I-: Italy

Italy in definitions

  • If: Italy First
  • RIVIERA: Italy First
    Airline, Call Sign, Organizations
  • IFS: Italy First
    Airline, ICAO airline code, Organizations
  • is: Italy Star
  • II: Italy Italian
  • IP: Italy Photos
  • ITA: Italy Fund Inc.
  • IHS: Italy High School
    Education, High School, School, Texas
  • IISD: Italy Independent School District
    Education, School District, Texas
  • ICS: Italy Communication Squadron
    Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  • ICF: Italy Communication Flight
    Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  • ITUR: Italy - Turkey - Ukraine - Russia
  • ITUR: Italy Turkey Ukraine Russia
  • IGN: Italy Global Nation
  • IAE: Italy Airspace Expo

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