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795 Investing acronyms and abbreviations

  • FDA Food and Drug Administration
    Medical, Medicine, Administration
  • FCC Federal Communications Commission
    Army, Postal, Response
  • ISP Internet Service Provider
    Internet slang, Technology, Internet
  • FY Fiscal Year
    Military, Taxation, TAX
  • ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
    Technology, Investing, Logistics
  • IRS Internal Revenue Service
    Business, Stock, TAX
  • GDP Gross Domestic Product
    Government, International freight, Investing
  • WTO World Trade Organization
    Technology, Finance, Government
  • SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
    Philippines government, Business, United States
  • SSA Social Security Administration
    Business, Taxation, TAX
  • FTC Federal Trade Commission
    Technology, Insurance, Investing
  • CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
    Business, Finance, Insurance
  • OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
    Technology, Electronic hardware, Engineering
  • SIC Standard Industrial Classification
    Technology, Printing, Publishing
  • ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
    Technology, US Post, Telecommunications
  • NAICS North American Industry Classification System
    Technology, Stock, Postal
  • R&D Research and Development
    Military, Telecom, Stock
  • CPA Certified Public Accountant
    Business, US business, Title
  • GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
    Technology, International, International economics
  • CFO Chief Financial Officer
    Business, US Post, US business
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