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15,104 Internet slang acronyms and abbreviations

  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    Internet slang, Marketing, Mormon
  • ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
    Internet slang, CHAT, Web slang
  • IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
    Internet slang, CHAT, Web slang
  • LAN Local Area Network
    Technology, Computer hardware, Internet slang
  • LOL Laughing Out Loud
    Internet slang, Online, Chat
  • FTP File Transfer Protocol
    Technology, Internet slang, WEB
  • MIB Management Information Base
    Internet slang, Army, Text messaging
  • OTTOMH Off The Top Of My Head
    Internet slang, CHAT, Computer
  • ISP Internet Service Provider
    Internet slang, Technology, Internet
  • JTLYK Just to let you know
    Internet slang, Chat, SLANG
  • AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned
    Internet slang, Text messaging, CHAT
  • PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
    Internet slang, Text messaging, SLANG
  • NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
    Internet slang, Urban design, Text messaging
  • FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
    Internet slang, Web slang, WEB
  • OS Operating System
    Technology, Internet slang, Internet
  • FWIW For What It's Worth
    Internet slang, Web slang, Usenet
  • ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different
    Internet slang, IM, Chat
  • TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge
    Internet slang, Internet jargon, Text messaging
  • YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
    Internet slang, Social networking, Telecom
  • MTFBWY May The Force Be With You
    Internet slang, Online, Text messaging
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